We go to many events like this, but this is a really good one – Geodesign Barriers
Anyone looking to sell into this market, this is the place to be – Mastenbroek
We’ve seen a host of potential clients, we’ve had drainage engineers from utility companies, private engineers, local authority flood officers, so a really good selection – GreenBlue Urban
We’ve spoken to local authorities, internal drainage boards, engineering practices and more, so it has been a very exciting event – Gravitas

Working exhibits for 2021

We also have, for the first time, the facility to display working outdoor exhibits at the 2021 event, which is something we believe no similar events currently offer.

These will be on limited availability for 2021, so it is advised to book a plot early. As we go forward, we hope to develop and expand this area, as an added feature for working plant and machinery.

Floodex will run

Floodex is delighted to confirm that the February dates for Floodex 2021 remain firm, but we have made some contingency plans.

In the unlikely event that the 2m rule may still apply, we have increased aisles to 4m wide and the seminar areas will be made larger and spaced out accordingly, as will any eating and seating areas.

We are also fortunate that, if we have to, we have the facility to move the event back by up to a couple of months, or even switch to a one day outdoor event, so whatever happens, Floodex will run.

Why be an exhibitor?

See what past exhibitiors had to say, in the tickertape, scrolling above.

You will meet senior level people from the Internal Drainage Boards, member flood officers and engineers from the Association of SuDS Authrorities, relevant people from the Environment Agency, Local Authorities, engineering firms, contractors and many others.

FLOODEX attracts a concentrated audience of high level decision makers and influencers, many of whom you won’t get to talk to anywhere else.

If the lockdown and ongoing situation has proven anything, it is that you need to meet people face to face, to generate new business. Electronic communication has its place, but will never replace human contact to generate trust, real feedback, affiliation and shared emotions.